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DC cleanz begun with one ultimate mission to help improve health and work-life balance of our residential customers and also to help improve business images of our corporate clients. With Singapore as a fast-paced economy, and time as the essence of money, a clean and a healthy working space or home is not only prerequisites for a functional environment, but also the basis of well-being.

"We clean so that you don't have to"

Being in an evergreen industry, helping our customers to professionally maintain their carpet or sofa not only extends the longevity of their upholstery but also provides a healthier environment and builds good branding for both your employees and customers. Clean Care has been a trusted and proud partner for our wide array of clients from schools, cafes, restaurants, offices and also helps with regular upholstery maintenance cleaning for our Singapore Changi Airport.

As cleanliness & hygiene is the epitome of a healthy living environment, Clean Care’s purpose here is to surpass your expectations providing the quality service in all aspects you deserve.

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